02 February 2009

consider this

Since I saw this, I've been wondering:
In what ways might grace bring about contentment?

cup of grace, canon 40d


christianne said...

Grace, to me, is so much about receiving the truth that all is okay and that we are okay exactly where we are. If there are missteps, it's okay; grace covers it. If we aren't fully yet what we will one day be, it's okay; grace covers it.

Most of all, grace means we are fully accepted and fully loved beyond what we do, say, think, or feel.

I think this brings contentment because it allows us to rest. So much of the time, our discontentment is fueled by a desire to prove something, get somewhere, be thought of in some way, or gain approval and validation for our lives. Grace says none of that need be. It allows us to settle back in love and just be where we are and where we are slowly going each and every day.

That's my two cents, at least. And I'm loving this photo on my desktop for the week (and perhaps longer!).

Sarah said...

I'm having a thought-stampede. I see this and there's so much I want to say, all at once, and I feel run over by my own ideas ;) So here are some of the threads.

I think it's a grace that contentment is possible in this life, that it's something God will give us. In so many ways, we deserve to be discontent. We deserve to chomp at the bit and strive and strain and all those miserable things, and he makes it so we don't have to do that. So God's grace brings us contentment.

Then there's something very like what Christianne said--the grace of being forgiven, being able to move towards wholeness, being invited as ourselves into that--that brings contentment both about where we are now and where we will be.

And then there's the idea that Christ, on the cross, provided the way for our souls to be content, to find peace. Because without the grace of forgiveness, imputation, and justification, there isn't real contentment because there's no way to be right with God.

Hmm...those are what I can grab hold of just now ;)

kirsten said...

both of you have shared thoughts that my mind has wandered in and out of since this little teabag first made its appearance in my mug: that grace cultivates contentment because it means that imperfection isn't fatal. it brings contentment because it means that i am more than a performing monkey. it's an invitation to wholeness, a soft space where i can fall apart completely and utterly and the world won't stop if i can't hold it all together.

i love you all so much!! thank you for embodying grace & living it out before me.

Tea With Tiffany said...

This is absolutely beautiful. The word Grace has deep meaning to me. Thank you.

I'm wanting to dive deeper into photography. I hope to share my pics more soon. Praying for wisdom and a way.