26 September 2008

treading on mystery

building an ark when there's never even been a drop of rain

going out without a destination in mind

holding a knife against the throat of the life that was promised to you

leaving a life of privilege for one of perceived disgrace

stepping into the flames

offering praise in the lion's den

"This is what the ancients were commended for."
Hebrews 11:2


Christianne said...

Seems like craziness, doesn't it?

Terri said...

this caught in my throat.

Terri said...

i just re-read that comment and realized that it's kind of obtuse. what i mean by it is that it catches in my throat like a sob that you're trying to hold in. you know that feeling? like when something surprises and overwhelms you because it's big and sad and utterly beautiful and repulsive at the same time. that's what i meant...

Sarah said...

it does seem crazy...and then i think of Jesus, stepping down from heaven to walk not only amongst, but WITH us, and i'm struck by the fact that he doesn't ask more of us than he gave us. it's sorry comfort sometimes, though.

i think i'm rambling...but i love you.

kirsten said...

it does seem like utter craziness. foolishness, even. it's asinine, really (when human reason is applied to the situation). i keep wondering ...

'big and sad and utterly beautiful and repulsive at the same time'
... yeah, i get that. and i think that was my first impression of your first comment. it's too much to hold in, or even to hold outside of you. it's God-sized and just plain insane.

yeah, it is sorry comfort & it's not. he's not here doing it now, but he did it. he came and he lived like we did, so he can commiserate. he knows exactly what it's like.

and that's something, anyway.

this living by faith thing is some racket, isn't it??

Sarah said...

Dude..."racket" is an awesome word to describe it...a racket of the best kind.